Mannington Adura
$5.39/sq foot* - Lock-Solid $5.59/sq foot*

4 x 36" plank ~ 16sf/carton plank or 14.5sf/carton Lock-Solid
limited lifetime residential/6 year light commercial warranty
*Material only.
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Canadian Maple
Natural 501

Essex Oak
Natural 511

Essex Oak
Honey Tone 512

Essex Oak
Harvest 513

Spalted Georgian
Maple Natural 521

Spalted Georgian
Maple Honeytone 522

Coolibah Burlwood
Clove 531

Burma Teak
Butternut 541

Country Oak
Tumbleweed 551

Country Oak
Rawhide 552

Country Oak
Saddle 553

Timber Ridge
Sundown 562


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