Stainmaster Pet Protect

STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpet has built-in stain resistance that won’t wash off and reduces pet odors. Uses proprietary technologies and chemistries applied to the carpet that reduce the force of attraction between pet hair and the carpet, allowing the hair to be more easily removed with normal vacuuming. STAINMASTER® PetProtect® is the Official Carpet Sponsor of the ASPCA®
*Material only.
Warranties include stain resistance (food, beverage & pet), soil resistance, anti-static, texture retention, abrasive wear & fade resistance
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Back Pattern 105

Crossword 106

Footprint 101

Rice Paper 109

Small Steps 110

Stardust 103

Stepping Stone 107

Stressed Linen 108

Tapestry 102

Tree Bark 104


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